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Wigwam Socks
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When Wigwam established itself in 1905 making their warm wooly socks for hearty lumber workers, there wasn't a lot of competition in the market. Quite the contrast to today's hosiery offerings. It's true, you could buy socks from any number of the competitors in our market but a Wigwam sock is truly different. How?

First - All of our socks are made in the USA, by the hands of American workers. This is important to us as we continue to lobby in Washington to keep these important textile jobs here and not on foreign soil.

Second - For over 100 years Wigwam has been a trusted brand that means quality, innovation and superior comfort.

Third - We offer more choices than any of our competitors.

Made in the U.S. with experience, integrity and innovation. That's Wigwam, an American Original.


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